Wednesday, 19 August 2015

Photo Booth, Candy Booth & Guestbook Corner for Arief & Zafirah's Wedding~!!

Konnichiwa minna-san こんにちはみんなさん~!!
Salam n hye everyone~!! 

This is the biggest craft project ever done by GPC. My brother, Arief, had specially requested for a photo booth, candy booth and guestbook corner for his wedding, which was held recently on 15th August 2015. I took up the challenge as this is my very first time doing such craft projects.

Due to limited time and hands (haha), the end result is quite simple yet pleasing. I am happy to see and hear many guests at the wedding commenting on the photo booth, candy booth and guestbook corner.

Below are the pics of the craft project for Arief & Zafirah's wedding:

Props and decorations made from paper and felt

Photo Booth

Close-up of Photo Booth

Paper Bird Cages

Photo Booth Props (made from felt)

Candy Booth and Guestbook Corner

Candy Booth

Guestbook Corner

Guestbook Corner

Close-up of Guestbook Corner

Close-up of Guestbook Corner

Wedding Guestbook

Apart from that, here are some pics of the bride & groom, family members and guests at the wedding ceremony:

Thank you very much, domo arigatou, to Arief for entrusting me in doing this craft project. May Arief & Zafirah's relationship blossom with happiness~...

For those of you who are interested in ordering photo booth props or wedding guestbook, don't hesitate to contact me. ^_^

Arigatou gozaimasu ありがとうございます~!!
Thanks for browsing & happy shopping~!!

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