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English-Malay and Malay-English Translation Services

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GPC offers translation services from English to Malay (Bahasa Melayu) and from Malay to English.

1) Reasons why you should hire GPC's translation services:

  • A University of Malaya graduate of Bachelor in Languages and Linguistics (English major)
  • Reasonable pricing rate
  • Experienced in translating articles, manuals, theses, subtitles, and video (transcription) since 2007
  • A former freelance subtitiling translator for i-Yuno Media Group
  • A former part-time translator for Malaysian Institute of Translation and Books (ITBM)
  • A part-time editor and proofreader for MPWS Rich Proofreading Sdn Bhd

If you wish to see the list of translation experience, do email me at

2) Pricing rate:

   a) English-Malay translation:
- RM0.05 (5 sen) - RM0.15 (15 sen) per word

   b) Malay-English translation:
RM0.10 (10 sen) - RM0.20 (20 sen) per word

The rate is based on the technicality of the words and/or text type/genre.
* e.g. [English-Malay translation]
-- newspaper article about osteoporosis - 1,500 words x RM0.07 = RM105.00
-- journal article about osteoporosis - 2,500 words x RM0.15 = RM375.00

3) Payment method:

- CIMB or Maybank

4) How to apply for translation services:

i) If you need a document, i.e. article, thesis, research report etc., to be translated, just drop an email to Remember to attach the document in the email  (please ensure the document is in Microsoft Word format only).
ii) GPC will browse through the document and will quote the estimated charge.
iii) If you agree with the stated pricing, please rearrange for the payment.
iv) Once payment has been made, GPC will translate your document and send you back a translated copy.

5) Sample of translation

- This is a sample of a translated document done by GPC compared with the original text. You will receive a complete translated copy only.

For any enquiries, feel free to leave a comment below or send an email to

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