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[Tutorial] SSM Business Online Registration (Pendaftaran Perniagaan via SSM Online)

Konnichiwa minna-san こんにちはみんなさん~!!
Salam n hye everyone~!!

***UPDATE (11/6/2016): Business registration via the SSM website / e-Lodgement is no longer available. Please refer to this post (here)***

For those who do not have the time to go to any SSM (Suruhanjaya Syarikat Malaysia) office, you can easily register your business online. This post is dedicated to give you a step-by-step tutorial on how to register your business via SSM's website. Most credits should be given to Asma & LinTeddy, whose tutorials are the ones that I referred to when making this tutorial.

First of all, this is solely for small-scale business, especially businesses from home or online businesses. To put it simple, businesses where you handle your own account & don't have to publish financial reports - that is for private limited (sendirian berhad) or limited (berhad) companies only. And second, this tutorial is for Google Chrome users only. ^_^ Plus, you must have an updated version of Adobe Reader.

*** Note: This tutorial is done based on the registration of my friend's business, in which I helped her to register. Some details are covered to protect her privacy.

Phase 1 - PSP User Registration

1) Go to SSM's website (
2) On the homepage of the website, click on the "e-Lodgement" button on the right side tab.

3) Click on "PSP User Registration".

4) You will be redirected to myGoverment's website ( On this page, click on "Daftar".

5) Fill in the blanks. My advice: it is best to use your business email (if you have one) instead of using your personal email. For example, I use for anything related to my business.

6) After you have clicked "Hantar", you will be asked to verify your email.

7) Check your email inbox if you have received an email like below and click on the link given.

8) Once you have verified your email, click on the highlighted link and login to the website using the email and password which you registered earlier.

9) Here you must fill in the blanks to be able to use the website as a user. The red box on the left corner will not go away until you have successfully completed and filled in the necessary blanks.

10) For the "Jenis Pengguna" field, choose "Individu". As for "Jenis Pendaftaran", choose "Warganegara". Make sure to use the name as stated in your IC.

11) After that, you may now use the services and functions of the myGovernment website. [End of Phase 1]

Phase 2 - SSM Subscriber Registration

1) Go to myGovernment's website homepage and click on "Pendaftaran 'Subscriber' SSM".

2) You will be redirected to this page. Just click on the blue "Online Services" link.

3) Continue by clicking "OK".

4) Make sure this is the "SSM Subscriber Registration" page.

5) Click on the box next to "ROB" and the box next to the "I agree..." statement. Then click on the "Open Form" button.

6) You will be redirected to the "SSM Subscriber Registration" Form. Here, for Google Chrome users only, click on the "PDF" icon on the top right corner of the page and then click on "Open in Adobe Reader".

7) Click "Proceed..." and "OK".

8) Click "Run this time".

9) Fill in the required details. Remember to check if the "Submission Date" is the date when you fill up this form. Then, click "Finish".

10) If a pop-up window like this appears, just click "Close".

11) Click "OK".

12) Make sure the box next to "ROB" and the "I agree..." statement is checked/ticked. Then, click "Submit". If you find that the "Submit" button is not highlighted or cannot be clicked, here's a tip. You must open 2 tabs of the same page and refresh.

13) Click "OK".

14) You will be redirected to this page. For "Payment method", choose "Direct Debit/FPX". And for "Account Type", choose "Individu". Then, click "Pay".

15) Click "Pay".

16) Check the "Payment Details". Then, choose your online bank account. Fill in your email. And then click "Agree and Continue".

17) After you have done the RM5 payment via online banking, you will be redirected to this page. You can print it as proof.

18) You will also receive an email stating that the payment has been successful. [End of Phase 2]

Phase 3 - Application for Business Name Approval

1) You may only proceed with Phase 3 after 24 hours or so of completing Phase 2 (or the next day).
2) Go to myGovernment's website homepage and click on "Permohonan Kelulusan Nama Perniagaan (ROB)".

3) Make sure this is the "Application for Business Name Approval" page. You can read the orange-highlighted guidelines on the page to make sure that your business name is accepted.

4) Click the box next to the "I agree..." statement and then click on the "Open Form" button.

5) Complete the form. Your business name should not include names that are prohibited. Type clearly what your nature of business is, so that your business will be approved. The "Submission Date" should be the date when you fill up this form. Then, click "Finish".

6) Always remember to open 2 tabs of the same page so that the "Submit" button can be clicked.

7) Your application will be in process.

8) Go to "MyPage" in myGovernment's website. Click "My Transaction/Transaksi" on the left side tab. Here you can check your application status. It usually takes more or less 24 hours for your application to be processed and approved. [End of Phase 3]

Phase 4 - Online Registration of Business

1) Check your application status. If it is approved, you can proceed with this phase. Remember to copy the Reference No. (e.g. ROB28042014-01456648PSB). Then, click "Direktori Perkhidmatan Atas Talian" on the left side tab.

2) Next, click on "Carian Perkhidmatan Atas Talian", type "ROB" and click "Cari Perkhidmatan".

3) Look for "SSM - Pendaftaran Perniagaan (ROB)" and click in the link.

4) Make sure this is the "Online Registration of Business (ROB)" page.

5) Scroll down the page to "Step 1" and click "Open Form A".

6) Insert the Reference No. that you have copied earlier in the "Name Approval No." and then click "Verify Name Approval No."

7) Automatically, some of your details will appear in the form. Proceed with filling in the other blanks. For "Date of Commencement of Business", I advise you to put in the date that you fill this form. (e.g. if today is 30th April 2014, put that date instead of putting the real date of when you first started your business). Next, for "Registration Period", you can choose "1 year" - in which the current fee is RM60. You may choose other than that if you're not on a budget, like me, hehehe...

8) In the next page, for "Information of Type of Business", click on the "Search" button first.

9) Type in the keyword of your business (e.g. I typed "retail sale" since my friend sells clothes online; as for my own business, I typed "craft"). Then, click "Search".

10) Look for the most correct description of your business and check/tick the box, and then click "Select".

11) Automatically, the "Information of Type of Business" is filled. Check/tick the box next to the "I/We confirm..." statement; and as usual, the "Submission Date" is the date when you fill up this form. Then, click "Finish".

12) Ignore "Step 2" and proceed to "Step 3". Click on the red-highlighted "1".

13) Here's another form to fill in. For "Ownership", choose "Sole Proprietorship". And for "Submission Date", the usual step like before. Then, click "Finish".

14) After you have filled in the form, the "1" link will automatically become blue, which means you have successfully completed the form. Check/tick the box next to the "I agree..." statement and click "Submit".

15) Next, you have to make payment for the registration fee. Make sure to choose "Direct Debit/FPX" and "Individu" as shown below.

16) After the payment is settled, you will receive this email.

17) You can check your application status on the "MyPage" page. People say that it takes up to 1-2 days for SSM to approve the registration. But sometimes, it only takes a few hours.

18) The registration for my friend has been approved in more or less 2 hours only. You will receive an email as below, and your SSM certificate is included in the attachment.

19) Here's the SSM certificate of my friend. If you wanna see GPC's SSM certificate, you can click here. So now, you can legally run your business, hihi~... ^_^ But do remember to renew your certificate, hehehehe...

I hope this tutorial helps, even though it's very lengthy. Again, I would like to give credits to Asma & LinTeddy for their tutorial. :3

Arigatou gozaimasu ありがとうございます~!!
Thanks for browsing & happy shopping~!!


  1. thanks for the tutorial...after this i'll register, hehe :)

  2. @Mira Kagimoto: most welcome... ;)

  3. Terima kasih by2k share tutorial nih. Sebelu ni dah berpuluh kali try , tak lepas2. Rupa2 nya sangkut kt pop-up blocker. Huhuhu.
    Tutorial sis byk bantu saya. Terima kasih sekali lg. :)

  4. @Zila Mahadi: same2 kasih... hehe.. gembira dpt bantu ape yg boleh.. ^_^

  5. thank you so much dik. u have help me a lot!!

  6. salam,

    nak tanya bila dah bukak pdf form tu kan..saya tak boleh edit..kenapa ya? do you have any idea? cant seem to fill up the form..thank you so much for your reply and assistance..

  7. @Anonymous #1: same2... ^_^

    @Anonymous #2: Wassalam. Part nak isi form PDF agak leceh sikit, hehe.. Sbb ade pop-up blocker. Saya ade explain kat Phase 2: Step 6 (Here, for Google Chrome users only, click on the "PDF" icon on the top right corner of the page and then click on "Open in Adobe Reader"). Awak ikut je step tue every time kena isi form PDF. Kalo still tak boleh, leh email or PM FB saya.

    @Petite Gallerie: you're most welcome... :3

  8. Thanks Greennnpanda, it's helping so much. Now, I can register company without hesitating.

  9. Your post is a life saver, THANKS!!

  10. hi, terima kasih kerana buat tutorial ni admin. tapi saya masih ada masalah kenapa every time saya register as ssm subscriber dah masuk 4 kali tak keluar langsung page utk pergi ke online transaction tuh ye? dia asyik cakap akan sediakan transaksi tapi lepas tekan okay dia kata pendaftaran gagal. kenapa ye? saya ada adukan ke ssm tapi tak ada respon. jadi boleh tak bantu saya mana yang patut?

  11. @Anonymous #1: You're most welcome!

    @Anonymous #2: I'm glad I could be of help to anyone who needs it.

    @Yzma Latiff: hye there.. kemungkinan server SSM tue down or line slow.. dua reason nie kadang2 wat registration online jadi lambat. Or maybe browser Yzma ade pop-up blocker. Sy cadangkan Yzma off dulu pop-up blocker mase nak buat registration SSM. Kalo tak boleh juga, Yzma boleh email sy di

  12. tumpang tanya,maih bole guna x ni ? sbb bila saya nak ubah 'Kumpulan Pengguna Saya', button ubah tu tiada...harap tolong T_T

  13. @92sayah & yg lain2: apa2 pertanyaan boleh hantar kat email sy or Facebook page sy (ada kat sidebar blog nie).

    Info terbaru: buat masa ini, perkhidmatan pendafataran SSM online ditutup buat sementara waktu.

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