Friday, 4 May 2012

Honto ni arigato, Eca~!!

Konnichiwa minna-san こんにちはみんなさん~!!
Salam n hye everyone~!!

Without Ecadwinky Asha, this blogshop would have been very dull. No pandas, no green themes, hehe~.. So this post, GPC would like to dedicate wholly to Eca, for editing this blogshop to the way it looks now.

Apart from that, Eca has also kindly given a review of this blogshop in her blog. Do click --> here <-- to read the awesome piece she has written.

As a token of appreciation, GPC would like to present this to her, for all that she has done. Honto ni arigato, Eca~!! ^_^

If you're thinking of having your personal blog or blogshop edited beautifully, do contact Eca. She does her work at very reasonable prices wif satisfying results!

Arigato gozaimasu ありがとうございます~!!
Thanks for reading & happy shopping~!!


  1. Hye dear, sudi x sponsor untuk sy punya GA yg akan berlansung akhir bulan mei ni?Thank you!

  2. @Fara Tasya: hye dik.. contact akak via email or FB ye.. thanks..

  3. thanks for such lovely entry :)
    btw,classmate ckp,'bunny' tu lawa :)

  4. @eca: ur welcome dear.. hihi~... Thanks gak.. >_<


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